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  • Hi Form Next Generation Nutritional Pellets Oxydane 10kg

Oxydane ™ is a unique, ground breaking formula, a world first, synergistic high performance formula for Racing, Harness Racing and Higher level Performance Horses. Oxydane™ contains, antioxidants, mineral salts, specific vitamins incuding vitamin C and E, the amino acid Alanine and other supporting nutrients General Information about Nutrition: Nutrients such as a well balanced feed and a well balanced supplement  have generally  been treated as a source of energy and they are involved in the regulation of metabolic pathways. They are also involved in designating a function of an enzyme in which the structure and activity of the enzyme are modified by the binding of a metabolic molecule or by modulating hormone secretion. Nutrition has the power to unlock the horse’s genetic potential and turn gene expression on and off.  Dose rate is only 20g per day

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Hi Form Next Generation Nutritional Pellets Oxydane 10kg

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