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  • Humidimix 15kg

HUMIDIMIX® will replace salts lost due to heavy sweating and will aid in the treatment of alkalosis and hypochloraemia (low chloride levels) in horses. It may also be used as supportive therapy in the treatment of dehydration if given with water. RECOMMENDED FOR USE IN: High performance horses doing moderate speed work over extended periods of time (eg. harness, racing, endurance, eventing, dressage, stock work). Heavy sweaters Horses working in hot and humid conditions Horses prone to ‘tying up’ Horses prone to ‘Anhidrosis’ (dry coat or non-sweating disease) COMPOSITION: Contains per 45g dose: Ammonium 1.5kg Magnesium 414mg Calcium 1.8kg Potassium 9.4g Carbonate 2.7g Sodium 5.3g Chloride 19.7g Sulphate 1.6g DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Ensure an adequate supply of clean drinking water is available when supplementing with electrolytes Do not combine with other daily electrolyte supplements such as STRESSALYTE® May be beneficial to use in conjunction with RECHARGE® or NEUTRADEX® 45g daily dose - provided as 22.5g in morning and 22.5g in evening feed. Can be mixed in drinking water at a rate of 45g/25L water or given as a saline drench at 90g/4L water. Increase dose as required to treat (hypochloraemia) alkalosis. PRESENTATION: 2.5kg bucket provides 55 doses for an average horse. 5kg bucket provides 111 doses for an average horse. 15kg bucket provides 333 doses for an average horse. STORAGE: Store below 30ºC (Room temperature) in a dry place. Reseal after use.

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Humidimix 15kg

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