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  • Fibregenix Prime Original 15kg

What you’ll love: 

  • How much simpler your horse’s diet becomes
  • The tasty small pellets will mean no more sifting out of expensive powdered supplements – your horse or pony will eat every scrap.
  • That it’s free from whole cereals and molasses and super low in starch and sugars
  • How much money you’ll save by not having to buy a whole heap of other supplements to keep condition on, improve hooves/coat/topline/digestive function and more

What will surprise you:

  • How a small amount of Fibregenix added to your horse’s feed has made such a huge difference to condition and topline, coat condition and hoof quality
  • How quickly you’ll see the improvements
  • How awesome your horse looks and feels in every way
  • How much calmer your horse is
  • Still your horse – just better than ever!

What to feed with it: Any fibre feeds  – hay, chaff, beet pulp, etc or simply add to your horse’s current hard feed if you aren’t feeding the recommended daily serve.  No other supplements required. Think you’ve heard/seen it all? – you haven’t tried a Fibregenix balancer then – Nothing similar is quite the same!

Add Prime Original to your horse’s feed for around $2.30/day* 1 bag will last the average horse 30 days

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Fibregenix Prime Original 15kg

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